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Every day a new heart seed is released. It takes just a moment to water it and make it grow.

Be Inspired

Enjoy the beauty of a flower and read an unique inspiring message for every flower you grow.

Win Rewards

Join Heart Flowers community and with every flower you obtain a chance to win rewards in Hive. There are 7 daily rewards and 1 weekly reward to win now. More info is present on the About page.
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HeartFlowers is a daily Hive game designed to benefit regular Hive users and newcomers alike. To learn how exactly this game works, how it rewards it's players see the following questions and answers.

What is Water Level?

Water level is equal to your voting power in Hive.

What is required to grow flowers?

To grow a flower, you use water, which is equivalent to voting power in Hive. One full vote is used to water one flower.

What rewards can be obtained by growing flowers?

In addition to growing a flower, and receiving your curation reward, you have a chance to win one of 7 daily rewards and 1 weekly reward.

Are the flower cards NFTs?

Currently, they are not, but this does not stop the game from issuing the cards as NFTs at a later date if deemed useful.

What are the different rewards?

Rewards come from the reward pool obtained by growing flowers. The rewards are as follows: two 15%, five 5% and one weekly 10% share of the daily reward pool.

How are the winners selected?

For each day a heart seed is released, people who have grown a flower the day before yesterday have a chance to receive the day's rewards. There are seven daily rewards:

  • 15% - random person picked based on HP
  • 15% - random person
  • 5% - random person picked based on HP
  • 5% - random person picked based on HP
  • 5% - 50% random person 50% random person picked based on HP
  • 5% - random person
  • 5% - random person
For the 10% weekly reward there is 50% chance for it to be selected randomly or by HP. The aim of this selection is to ensure that both people who have contributed to the reward pool and both newcommers are rewarded. The selection method based on HP does not necessarily have to use HP directly, as this could most likely result in choosing one or few of the same winners every time. Instead, a function based on HP is used to provide a better distribution. Nonetheless, people will high HP will definitely win more likely, but with this selection model this will not stop newcomers winning too.

Who does the selection and how is the priciple of fairness ensured? Are the winners selected by Hive chain?

Winners are selected by the chain itself and the selection algorithm is open sourced. Thus, anyone can verify the results of the selection.

Can someone game the system.: eg. vote, participate in reward selection and then change their vote?

Yes, it is true that one can do that, but for each such action, such account will receive one point. Accounts with this point will not participate in next selection, instead the point will be cleared if they participated fairly.

Any other question?

You can ask your questions or provide feedback and suggestions in the Heart Flowers community.